About me

Hi! I’m Allison

I was born and raised in Georgia, which has lead me to love all things southern. While that is my inspiration when it comes to art and design, I have recently become a city girl which has opened my mind to unique and interesting ideas and inspirations.

My background is in public relations, but I have begun working in a small-ish company doing their marketing and my passion for branding and design has grown exponentially. Being able to find a brand (or in this case, individual’s) voice and carry that throughout every piece of collateral makes life and making life beautiful SO EASY.

Throughout my life, I have found I have an extraordinary skill in taking good ideas and making them great. With this knowledge, I have started this business to help people hone in on their ideas and cultivate them into something amazing.

I love to ask my clients what 3 words they would use to describe themselves, so here are mine; clean, creative and fun. Having these core values to reflect on have helped me succeed personally and professionally. I have a job that I curated to my own skillset and people surrounding me that support the life I chose for myself.